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Magika is more than a simple event collective; it is a journey into the depths of the soul, a fusion of mysticism, enchantment, healing, and aesthetics. Our collective endeavor is to create unique experiences that transcend the boundaries of the everyday and lead participants on a transcendent journey.


Cura:Magika – Ecovillage Hainburg

Ecovillage Hainburg Stromstraße 13, Hainburg an der Donau

Cura Magika explores a new beautiful space. A sanctuary between Vienna and Bratislava, next to the beautiful danube river. Here we can enjoy one day of community, healing arts workshops […]

Get Tickets 35,00€ – 45,00€

Cura:Magika Impressions

Planet Magika

Our machinery is operating at full speed to serve you something tremendously special this summer. The Magika Stargazing Department has discovered a planet, which we yearn to explore, together with you! On July 25, the maiden flight will take off towards Taka Tuka Island. Be quick and grab one of the few window seats…