Cura Magika Peace Ritual


23. November 2023 - 26. November 2023    


Almdorf Seinerzeit
Vorderkoflach 36, Patergassen, Kärnten, 9564


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The wisdom is in the circle

Be part of a 4 day long Ritual to truly live, experience and manifest Peace. Be PEACE – true, deep peace within and around us. Through the program, which will consist of healing arts (yoga, meditation, breathwork), arts (sufi dance, poems, story telling), music (concerts & dj’s) all participants will share, reflect and discuss their experiences, ideas, fears, hopes, joys, sufferings and know-how.  Let’s inspire and empower each other. Open a space where new seeds for peace are planted. The way is the goal. We are the ones we are waiting for to change the world and bring peace. Let’s create new hope for our world and society!

The only path to peace is to find peace within oneself.




  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Sufi Dance
  • Sauna Rituals
  • Blue Lotus & Cacao Rituals
  • Sound Healing
  • Art of Peace – exploring the topic of peace threw art, explorations and experiments
  • Liberation Dance
  • Pija:Magika – pijama experience
  • Story Telling
  • Circle Dance
  • Concerts & DJ’S



(in alphabetic order)

  • Alfred von Liechtenstein
  • Anima Atina 
  • Antara Dakini
  • Lemonella (Plant Poetry, Berlin)
  • Lov Lenka
  • Miriam S. Koller – a space to amaze
  • Nugi (Magika)
  • Orenda Sofie (Magika)
  • Robinson Schmuso (Magika)
  • Sara Moana
  • Smi
  • Soué
  • Kauil -Tlalli Iyollo Kauil (Mexico/Portugal)
  • Vivāsa

more tba





A worldwide unique Eco Resort in the UNESCO Biosphere Park Nockberge at 1400m: 2 villages, 51 chalets, private sauna and hot tub and Swiss stone pine room for deep sleep.

All chalets are build out wood. The event space has an beautiful view. Get ready to experience down to earth luxury in pure nature.





Almchalet – € 50 per person/night 

Campervan or shared “Matrazenlager” € 20 per person/night

– pay at the spot


FOOD by Flying Kitchen

€ 30 per day (€6 Breakfast, €12 Lunch, €12 Dinner)

– pay at the spot



There might be a shuttle bus from and to Vienna in case enough people will sign up for that.
Please fill out this form:






From Feldkirchen in Kärtnen please take the

Regionalbus 5234 ▓ // Direction Ebene Reichenau Ort/Friedhof // get out at the stop: Patergassen 9564

From there we will come pick you up.

Please fill out this form to let us know in case you need a pick up:

Departuere Feldkirchen in Kärnten

Thursday & Friday

  • 11:37
  • 12:37
  • 13:37
  • 14:37
  • 15:37
  • 16:37
  • 17:37
  • 18:35
  • 19:37


  • 13:33
  • 16:33

Arriving on saturday: The bus don’t operate on saturday. We will pick you up from Feldkirchen Trainstation.

Please fill out this form to let us know in case you need a pick up:

Return on sunday with Bus 5234

at 10:35 & 14:35 & 16:45


Adress & GPS coordinates

Vorderkoflach 36, Patergassen, 9564



Telegram Carpool Group:



Somewhere out there beyond right and wrong, there is a garden.

There we will meet.

When our souls are dancing in ecstasy in that Garden’s grass the waring world is shut down.

If you are not longing for the fragrance of love you will not find the gate into the celestial garden.

You were born with wings, why do you crawl through life let go all your chains and dresses to bath naked in the river of truth.

if peace is not your guiding star while sailing on the ocean of life Stay where you are don’t meet us in the garden.


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