May 18 – 22

* limited tickets available *

Project Heart + Magika = Heart:Magika

A Festival Retreat for the community by the community with a special purpose: to build sanctuary together.

Project Heart and Magika are joining up in beautiful Portugal in order to create a community retreat. Here we prepare a fertile ground to explore the advantages of being part of a community by experiencing it. Our goal this week as a tribe is to make a sanctuary!

All guests are welcome to co-create the program. Adding up flavor to the menu. In this 5 day long experience we are going to heal, learn, explore, dance & celebrate together!


Include full programm, drinks & food


  • Camping 355.– €
  • Vans 385.– €
  • Quatro Glamping Tipi 450.– €
  • Duo Glamping Tipi 550.– €



Healing Arts, Rituals, Experiences & Workshops


Traditional Dream Factory

Cerca do aviario

7540-011, Abela, 

Santiago do Cacem



TDF is a village being built. It is not 

a luxurious venue but we put a lot of love into making the best space to host and inspire re:builders. 

We will have a clean and shaded camping area, Glamping tents are equipped with everything needed for sleeping (sheets, pillows, blankets). We will have compostable toilets and outdoor showers throughout the property.

How to get there


Drive from Lisbon airport. It takes about 1.5h. You can get really cheap rentals here: or

We recommend taking the highway until after the Setubal area, and then you can choose to take the scenic routes (and avoid tolls). If you drive straight down from Grandola, you’ll take a dirt road for a few kilometers, it’s the shortest most scenic route, but you can of course also just take the highway.

Drive your own car

Car pooling: we/you can organize carpooling here. Let’s make sure we don’t travel alone in the car.


Take a train – there are 3 trains per day from Lisbon Sete-Rios to Ermidas-Sado, 10min drive from TDF, use to book your ticket and find time. 

We will organize pick-ups for the first 2 arrivals only, so we can start our program for the day. Please fill the transportation sheet with your name and arrival time so that we know to pick you up.

May 18 – 22

* limited tickets available *